<![CDATA[Travelcom - Blog]]>Wed, 09 Mar 2016 22:14:58 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Pick the Best Destinations of Asia to Make your Trip Incredible]]>Sat, 13 Feb 2016 08:23:18 GMThttp://newzealandcruise.weebly.com/blog/-pick-the-best-destinations-of-asia-to-make-your-trip-incredibleThe versatility can go beyond the limits somewhere, then, it is the Asia. The biggest continent on earth is famous for its diversity in weather, culture, food, and history. People can see and experience the varieties on fullest here. But, it is quite impossible to traverse the whole continent in a single trip; despite you are on a long holiday. So, it is better to plan the trip with most suitable itinerary which can show you as much diversity as possible.

For making your trip best with wonderful sceneries and incredible places, we would suggest you to plan for a Southeast Asia trip. Here, you can explore the most enchanting part of the Asia by rail, which can keep your budget maintained for such a long trip.

Let’s discuss few of the best places to explore in this part of Asia which you can pick as your itinerary.

Thailand and Bangkok:
If you are touring Southeast Asia, then you should visit Thailand first. You have thousands of places to explore in this country. Bangkok is alone famous for its numbers of visiting places. After that you can head to Kanchanaburi to enjoy the waterfalls and rafthouses here. Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, Chaing Mai are a few places in Thailand to explore. Apart from this, you have beaches and Islands also to discover in this country.

Cambodia and Laos:
Cambodia is famous for its ancient temple Angkor Wat. The temple is alone enough to enchant people with its historic and ancient architectural beauty. If you want to find a relaxation point, then you should visit the Laos. Here, you can enjoy hiking and scenic views in the lap of relaxation. Apart from this, you have Mekong River, Vang Vieng, Wat Phou and several other incredible places to visit here.

Singapore and Malaysia:
Singapore can make you feel like you are discovering a quite modern country among all Asian countries with skyscraper buildings and towers. But, you have several hidden beauties to explore here. You can enjoy the beach life at Santosa Island also. Apart from this, you have several other regions to explore. Malaysia is the one where you can enjoy your trip at best. Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Gunung Mulu National Park, and several other incredible places are also here to make your journey to this country amazing.

If you are on the Asia tour, then trains can make your travel cheap and can make your journey comfortable. The whole continent cannot be explored through a single rail pass, but you can book Asia rail pass for some specific regions only. Korea, Japan, and China are the countries which provide this option to tourists for travelling with comfort in their nations.

<![CDATA[Little Care and Planning can Make your Europe Tour Amazing and Hassle-Free]]>Mon, 21 Dec 2015 11:05:33 GMThttp://newzealandcruise.weebly.com/blog/-little-care-and-planning-can-make-your-europe-tour-amazing-and-hassle-freeEurope is in the top list of touring destinations with its vibrant culture, heritage, modernity and beautiful scenic points. Here are lots of things and places to explore. The whole continent is incredible with several enchanting touring spots. So, if a one continent can give you such a huge space to traverse with versatility, then why you need to set your itinerary to somewhere else.
Well, dreaming for Europe tour is not enough. To make it real, you need to plan it properly, according to your budget and vacation period. Thus, you can make a trip to this continent a fun. First off, you should have a passport ready. If you don’t have a passport or it is very close to expire, then you should first arrange your passport before booking anything.

Budget is the most important part for any hassle-free journey. If you are short on money, then planning for a long trip is just useless. You should have appropriate money to spend during your vacation trip. You should also take care of your vacation period. After all, the time and money both play a vital role while planning for a holiday trip. You should have ample time to discover the glory of several European countries, and the money too.

After deciding the budget, plan for the itinerary. Make a rough list of your favorite cities or countries which you want to excurse. Categorize them according to regions which are easily accessible from each other so that, you can better decide your itinerary. Keep the number of places in the limit, as per your budget. After this, you can book the ticket for your trip, according to your itinerary. If you want to keep your trip in the budget, then it would better search for Europe deal, which can offer you train tickets, air tickets, hotel and some other facilities.

You can find several travel agents on the Internet. They have several deals and packages to make your trip more convenient. You just need to choose the deal which suits best on your decided itinerary, vacation period, and budget. Refine the deals on several websites, according to your choice of itinerary, dates, and budget and then, compare deals of every agent online. After finding the best one, book your deal and start packing your backpack for the trip to Europe.

<![CDATA[Africa Cruise Deals: Best Way to Excurse the Unexplored Beauty]]>Tue, 24 Nov 2015 09:26:00 GMThttp://newzealandcruise.weebly.com/blog/-africa-cruise-deals-best-way-to-excurse-the-unexplored-beautyCruises now have become the choice of several tourists who love to excurse coastal regions enjoying the tranquility of ocean’s deep water. If you are on a long trip and have a specific affection for wildlife, adventure, natural landscapes, and ancient culture, then Africa can give you this pleasure. However, sailing this continent through cruise ship seems little weird, but if you choose some different way to traverse this place, then you will definitely find fascinating ports here to discover such as Cape Town, Tunis, Alexandria and several others.

You can explore the unseen beauty of this continent in best way by reserving your cabinet in one of the cruise ships. Best option is finding the Africa cruise deals, as several enchanting deals are provided by numbers of travel agents. You can also find such deals online as well where travel agencies offer you discounts and some extra amenities.

It is all your decision which cruise ship you book for your travel, you just need to enjoy your journey in best way, traversing each scenic beauty along with the tribal culture. You can one side explore the wildlife beauty of Alaska, and on other side, can find some time for relaxation, making your journey for Caribbean Islands. Both destinations can fill your journey with adventure. Alaska itself is enough to make your trip full of adventure and Caribbean Island can offer you the same with snorkeling and diving in sea water.

You just need to pick a deal where you can explore most of the part of this continent. Traverse Africa via cruises can give you the leisure which you need for a long holiday trip. All the luxury you can find at one ship with separate cabinet and space for enjoying the beauty of ocean’s crystal clear water peacefully. Pool, food, gaming zone, pub; here you can find everything which won’t make you feel gloomy in such a long journey.

Several agents work online and you can book your ticket online from the websites of these agents as they have several deals as aforementioned. You just need to book the one cruise line which you find the suitable one, according to itinerary and budget as well.